Con10gency Curriculum | Instructor Details

The Con10gency curriculum educates students on how to implement life-saving measures using the tools in an individual first aid kit (IFAK) designed to control hemorrhage. A completed license agreement must be on file with Con10gency prior to accessing the material below.


Our curriculum is made available only to individuals who have successfully completed our Train-the-Trainer course and may only be used as part of a free training initiative. No fee(s) can be charged for teaching this curriculum or for attendance at a resulting class.


The material may not be sold, edited, altered, or modified in any way.

Instructor Outline

  1. All classes must be registered with Con10gency at least one (1) week prior to the class using the Instructor Class Registration link provided (below).

  2. Student information must be returned to within three (3) business days of conclusion following the roster/sign-in details below.

  3. Certificates will be sent directly to the student from Con10gency. Please notify us immediately if privacy concerns require alternative means of distribution.

Instructor Resources