Personal Trauma Kit - Enhanced

Personal Trauma Kit - Enhanced

SKU: 17-510

The national average EMS response time is 7 minutes. Did you know you can bleed out in as little as 3 minutes? Fill the gap – become an Immediate Responder.


From natural disasters and car accidents to basic injuries around the house, the Con10gency™ series of aid kits is designed to provide you the tools necessary to become an Immediate Responder and render aid before trained first responders arrive.


This Enhanced level kit equips the user with the QuikClot® Bleeding Control Dressing, an advanced blood clotting agent impregnated in to a simple gauze roll. This dressing features the same inorganic component that is used universally by the United States Armed Forces. Also included are a tourniquet, trauma dressing, thermal rescue blanket, and the Con10gency™ Ouch! Kit™ for bumps, cuts, and stings.

  • Contents

    • 1 Stretch, Wrap, And Tuck Tourniquet (SWAT-T™)
    • 1 QuikClot® Bleeding Control Dressing
    • 1 Trauma Dressing, 4 in.
    • 1 Rescue Blanket
    • 1 Permanent Marker
    • 1 Nitrile Exam Gloves (1/pr)
    • 1 Ouch! Kit
      • 5 Wound Wipes
      • 5 Soothe-A-Sting Wipes
      • 3 Adhesive Bandage, 1 in. x 3 in.
      • 3 Adhesive Bandage, 2 in. x 3 in.
      • 1 Nitrile Exam Gloves (1/pr)
  • Specs


    H 10 in. x W 7 in. x D 1.25 in. (Flat)

    H 5 in. x W 7 in. x D 2 in. (Folded)


    Weight:  11 oz.