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Communities & Consumers

It's taken for granted that our trained first responders--law enforcement, fire, EMS--will always be available within moments of being needed. In reality, the true first responder to a medical event is you, the bystander. The immediate responder. The nationwide average response time for EMS is approximately 7 minutes, nearly double in rural areas. Many medical emergencies cannot wait that long.

We hear from a lot of individuals or community groups who realize the need for enhanced first aid training. Gone are the days of getting by with simply knowing CPR. More and more often there's need for a basic understanding of hemorrhage control and how to actively save a life when confronted with natural disasters, accidents, or intentional actions.


Are you prepared to help when needed?

Products and services most often requested by communities & consumers:

  • Safety evaluation & evacuation planning

  • Tactical first aid training (private classes available)

  • Travel & vehicle first aid kits

  • Individual first aid kits (IFAKs)

  • Customized first aid bags

  • Wilderness bags

  • Tourniquets

  • QuikClot® gauze

  • & more

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