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Corporations & Non-Profit Organizations

Corporations & non-profits, including educational institutions, often reach out seeking evaluation and advice in preparing plans for myriad possibilities. Some as simple as traffic control after a large concert, service, or sporting event while others as complex as extreme weather scenarios or disgruntled employees. Our team has evaluated and created safety plans for large theme parks, multi-campus megachurches, and multi-national corporations. We've also outfitted small office buildings and mechanic shops with first aid kits, wall-mounted AED units, and individualized safety plans. Whatever your need, we have a solution.

Products and services most often requested by corporations & non-profits:

  • Safety evaluation & evacuation planning

  • Enhanced first aid training

  • Threat analysis & mitigation

  • Resiliency training

  • Peer support program development

  • Verbal de-escalation techniques

  • Critical incident & active shooter response training & equipment

  • Workplace violence response training

  • AED packages & accessories

  • AED management software

  • First aid kits & refills (basic & industrial)

  • Fire extinguishers

  • Customized first aid bags

  • Traffic management kits

  • & more

Contact us today to custom-build your solution!

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