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Texas House Bill (HB) 496 | Bleeding Control Kit Program

The State of Texas House Bill (H.B.) 496 is related "to traumatic injury response protocol and the use of bleeding control stations in public schools". (Read the full text.)

What does it mean?

H.B. 496 is widely known as a "Stop the Bleed" law and requires all public and charter schools within the state to receive approved bleeding control training and equipment. "Stop the Bleed" is a nationwide movement designed to increase safety and emergency preparedness by providing bystanders the tools and training necessary to save lives before trained first responders arrive.

The Texas bill initiates two efforts--training and equipment; Con10gency is uniquely suited to assist with both. We offer a variety of turnkey packages comprised of both the training and equipment needed to become compliant with H.B. 496.


Con10gency is honored to be one of only four curriculums approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), the state body required to approve training for the use of a bleeding control station as outlined in H.B. 496.


Our Bleeding Control Basics class is comprised of material from nationally recognized resources, including the National Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), the American College of Surgeons' “Stop the Bleed” program, and the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT). This class is taught by certified EMTs, Fire Paramedics, and Law Enforcement Tactical Medics with years of experience in the field.


  • Priority of actions required prior to providing essential emergency medical care in response to a deadly injury or uncontrolled bleeding

  • Assessment protocol for proper identification and principles of stopping severe bleeding utilizing hands on training and development of necessary psychomotor skills

  • Utilization of “on hand” trauma equipment contained within a Bleeding Control Station for use on a bleeding injury to self or another

  • Recognition and control of bleeding from an extremity through proper application of tourniquets

  • Proper application and techniques for compressing, wound packing, and controlling severe bleeds

  • Control of hemorrhagic bleeding using hemostatic gauze

  • Assessment and treatment of a penetrating chest wound to include proper application and placement of a hyphenated chest seal

  • Assessment and treatment for shock



The Con10gency Bleeding Control Kit for Texas Schools is designed to provide lifesaving, immediate assistance to those seriously injured before first responders arrive. This classroom-based kit allows students or staff to treat an injury without the need to move around the building and possibly expose themselves to further danger. It is fully compliant with the Texas Stop the Bleed law.

Please view our spec sheet for additional details, review H.B. 496-compliant kit options within our store, or contact us for personalized options. We're here to help!

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