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Instructional Videos

We've gathered these instructional videos to assist in understanding the application and capabilities of some of the products we sell. 

Note: These videos are NOT a substitute for professional medical training.

Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T)

Learn how to apply the C-A-T Tourniquet (Combat Application Tourniquet) with tips for the most effective application to stop bleeding.

The Emergency Bandage

(aka The Israeli Bandage)

Learn how to apply the Emergency Bandage (Israeli Bandage) to stop the bleeding of traumatic hemorrhage wounds.

Stretch, Wrap, And Tuck Tourniquet (SWAT-T)

Instructional video about the multi-function SWAT-T. This unique device is carried by many as a pressure dressing, all-purpose wrap, primary and/or back-up tourniquet.

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