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Alamo Area Regional Tactical Medic School

Con10gency Consulting is excited to announce the Alamo Area Regional Tactical Medic School! This 56 hour Tactical Medic School will be hosted by the San Antonio Police Department, and is designed to prepare EMTs and Paramedics in the AACOG region to effectively integrate with Law Enforcement and tactical teams during high-threat situations. Knowledgeable instructors experienced in tactical medicine and point of injury care will ensure students gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively mitigate the loss of life in high-risk critical incidents.


- Students must be currently certified with the current TX Dept of State Health Services as EMTs or Paramedics, or assigned tactical agencies.

- Students must currently volunteer or be employed by a non-profit Fire/EMS provider that responds within the AACOG region.

- Students must not be on limited or light duty, and shall be required to participate in all training evolutions, to include the physical training and team building exercises.

- Students will provide their own ammunition: 200 rounds of .40 S&W and 200 rounds of .223 caliber. Ammunition must be factor, brass case, and SAAMI spec.

- Students must be willing to billet at Camp Bullis for the duration of the training.

Students must be authorized to attend the training from their respective departments and sign a liability waiver.

Interested? Contact us to learn more or check out our flyer!

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