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Transportation of Person(s) Inside a Police Vehicle

We have recently been contacted by several law enforcement agencies requesting advice and best known methods for transporting person(s) within a police patrol vehicle in light of the current pandemic. Below are guidelines and best practices for consideration.

The below is not a substitute for use of proper PPE, sound judgement, and following guidelines from the CDC and local health officials, where possible. This guidance in no way guarantees transmission will not occur. These guidelines are intended to provide considerations for minimizing exposure.

The need to transport subject(s) within the close confines of a police vehicle should be evaluated based on need on a case-by-case basis.

  • Officers should properly utilize PPE, including an N-95 respirator mask, eye protection, and gloves, when dealing with a subject(s) and 6’ social distancing is not an option.

  • Turn on the vehicle’s air conditioner or heater to the highest setting and ensure the selector is in Fresh Air mode.

  • Open all vents and direct them to the back-seat.

  • Roll-up all front passenger compartment windows.

  • Close back-seat plexiglass barrier, if available.

  • Roll-down the back-seat windows at least 2-3 inches (more if tactically able).

  • Place N-95 respirator mask on subject(s) suspected to have a fever or actively coughing prior to placing inside vehicle.

  • Place subject(s) in back-seat and transport.

  • Once transport is completed, turn off the air conditioner or heater, roll-down all windows and open all doors.

  • Donning proper PPE, use a liberal amount of aerosol disinfectant spray and clean all services inside vehicle with a surface disinfectant (following the manufacturer instructions noted on the label).

  • Dispose of contaminated PPE and soiled cleaning materials following department policy and procedures.

Contact us ( with any follow-up questions or additional need; we’re always here to help. Stay safe and thank you for your service!

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