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Did you know the top cause of preventable death in trauma is from bleeding? Whether it's an accident, natural disaster, or man-made event -- hemorrhage is a real concern.

All of us at Con10gency understand the importance of helping bystanders become ‘initial responders’ who are trained and equipped to save the lives of those around them, whether colleagues, students and teachers, or family and friends. We’ve trained hundreds of police, fire, and EMTs around the country, and have been privileged to also share that training with companies and individuals eager to learn how to respond should the worst happen. Now we’re taking part in a national event to increase awareness of the importance of hemorrhage control—National Stop the Bleed Day 2018.

National Stop the Bleed Day 2018 is being held on March 31st with a goal of training the greatest number possible how to effectively respond to a critical incident resulting in traumatic hemorrhage.

We’re excited to partner with our friends at STW Krav Maga to offer the community a FREE tactical first aid training in support of this nationwide movement. This training opportunity will be led by Con10gency's Rick Smith at the STW San Antonio location. Although the event is free, registration is required, so be sure to sign up now, then tell others on social media how you’re helping #STOPTHEBLEED.

You can go from bystander to 'initial responder' by ALWAYS having a Con10gency!

What: Stop the Bleed training

Where: STW Krav Maga | 100 Crossroads Blvd, #103, San Antonio, TX 78201

When: Saturday, March 31, 2018 | 10:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

Cost: FREE (although registration is required)

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